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Sal’s Auto Body, Inc.
Green Brook’s Car Care Specialist since 1970
Sal Failla has been in the collision repair industry for fifty-five years. He started out in the Bronx, then moved to Newark as Industrial State Auto Body. In 1970 he established Sal’s Auto Body in Green Brook. His years of experience have more than confirmed Sal as a leader in the industry.

Steve came to work for his father’s business in 1970. Since 1974, he has devoted full time to all aspects of running the business. He is experienced in all phases of collision repair and is dedicated to providing top-quality automotive service. His knowledge and integrity combined with his warm personality account for the reputation that he has established.        

The shop handles all facets of collision repairs, from unitized frame and suspension repairs, to alignments, bodywork and refinishing. According to Steve, the key to quality car repair is superior workmanship. “We pride ourselves on color matching during the refinishing process, which is often a time-consuming process.”  The most important part of the process is customer satisfaction. “Satisfied customers have earned us our standing in the community and with all insurance companies.”

Sal’s Auto Body is also very particular about suspension repairs, which affects a car’s tracking and handling and is second only to structure in importance in the correct functioning of any vehicle. To get the job done right, the shop utilizes a computerized laser system that helps ensure that all vehicles are in proper alignment.

“We’re experienced technicians. We’ve been around a long time.” When Steve mentions this, he’s not exaggerating. Sal and Phyllis, who to this day serve as president and treasurer of Sal’s Auto Body, have lived in Green Brook for fifty-three years. Sal has been a member of the Green Brook Businessmen’s Association and the Lion’s Club.

As for Steve, he was among the graduating class of Green Brook High School in 1974 and served on the board of education of Green Brook’s school district for six and a half years. He also served as a member of the Green Brook Little League for six years. He and wife Irene, who works for a local florist, have been married for twenty-four years and raised three children in Green Brook. Stepson Jamie has worked at Steve’s side for fifteen years and recently became manager at Sal’s.

Other shop personnel are like family. Thomas Jakimas, who has been with Sal’s Auto Body for thirty-two years, knows the operation “inside and out.” Another local employee is Devin Quigley, who played ball with Steve’s youngest son. “He’s a good kid; a good painter who’s been with us for about five years.” Steve also mentions painters Joe Palumbo and Bob Sullivan; body man Tony Zumbana; Marcia, who greets customers at the front desk; and Richard Kabus, who handles all of the shop’s towing needs.

Sal’s Auto Body, Inc., has been providing quality car repair for fellow residents of Green Brook and the surrounding community for thirty-six years. Sal’s Auto Body, which works with all insurance companies, is there to help. That’s no small achievement—where quality repairs are no accident!

Sal’s Auto Body, Inc., located 315 Route 22 East in Green Brook, is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., and Saturday from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon (closed on Saturdays June through August). For more information, contact 732-968-2214.